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Health is Not About what We Put In Our Body,
But What We Also Put On Our Body.

Fit to Warm Your Lifestyle

Our various warmth and compression products are designed to blend seamlessly into your everyday life.  Worn under your clothes or as is, these garments will make you feel secure, warm, and comfortable.


Waist Warmer

Made by fabric with comfortable texture and elasticity that helps increase blood flow and warmth.

Compression Leggings

Help increase blood flow and warmth in the legs, as well as help with muscle fatigue.

Knee Supporters

Offer exceptional Knee support while still maintaining a full range of leg motion. Recommend to use at home and office.

Compression Sleeves

Can Be used on the arms or legs, keeps the calf to ankle or forearm to writs warm

Compression socks

Help increase blood flow and warmth in the feet and toes

Comfort Soles

Great for those whith poor blood circulation in the feet, offering support and warmth to the palms of your feet

Mattress Pad

While a blanket keeps the top of you warm, use our mattress pad to help keep your back warm as well as providing support.

Bed Comforter

For a better, warmer sleep use our specialized comforter to keep you warm as possible in the cold nights.


Experiences Our Products.

Im grateful for Bio PDP's extended product line because since I cant constantly use my Dome or Thermo I can integrate warmth into my everyday life!
George Brent

"It's the quality of sleep, not the quantiy."

The natural rhythm of waking up in the morning and going to sleep at night has been in the human body since time immemorial. A modern day where everything is rich!

Over time, culture, lifestyle, and style have changed, and modern people’s sleeping hours and sleeping styles have also changed significantly. However, as times change and lifestyles change, the role and importance that sleep brings to humans does not change. The high-performance bedding created by nano technology makes the important sleep time that takes up a third of your life the most precious time.


PDP bedding, which was created with scientific design by excellent design with the finest fabric, is like a PDP capsule for the entire time you sleep.

PDP’s growing rays gently wrap your entire body during sleep. With moderate volume and softness, it fits the body perfectly, feels good, and has excellent breathability and moisture retention.

It has excellent cushioning and high thermal insulation to help you sleep soundly with a soft touch. It can be used on both sides and brings a healthy sleep and a refreshing morning.

PDP Thermo