PDP Thermo

A More Efficient Massage

Better than a Meridian

Like all bio-photon products, the function of the thermo is to find the growth light energy from pdp (nanoplatinum & nanodiamond) contained in the wide pine ceramic of the thermo, anytime, anywhere I need it. 

You can expect the fastest effect because it directly touches the skin and delivers the growth energy deep into the heart.

The meridian massage, which consists of hands and limbs (finger, palm, elbow, etc.), is difficult because it has to be pressed.

A thermo can have much faster and more effect than a meridian massage just by gently pushing the handwritten part with a thermo.

In particular, if intensive care is performed on behalf of the mother when controlling pain and inflammation in oriental medicine clinics, such as moxibustion and acupuncture, the effects are sure to be positive.

Great For Sagging Skin

Also, it’s more effective for women to manage sagging neck, face, chest, and wrinkles. If you continue to sweep the neck up and down and the face part from the chin to the ear, it will create elasticity, glow, and long-term use will help improve facial sagging and wrinkles.

It also helps with partial obesity and cellulite improvement, including thighs and forearms. In this case, it’s good to go back and forth from the end to the end and give a little more pressure.

In addition, what is emitted from thermo is not just heat, but the most beneficial wavelength of light (growth light energy) for the human body, so it is effectively used to manage atopic dermatitis and psoriasis. In fact, family medicine clinics in Chuncheon are also treating multi-dom and thermo atopic psoriasis at the same time.




Three Versatile Attachments


A Hair Diffuser  diffuses the air from the hair dryer to evenly dry your hair and help prevent damage. Curly hair gets the most benefits from this method, Diffusers dry the curls with indirect heat, helping maximize volume while limiting frizz.


The Hairdryer Pick is an attachment that helps straighten and dry hair. The hair Pick specializes at creating volume and lift.


The concentrator are a flat attachment that helps create a more direct airflow for smoother and more concentrated styles. Ideally best when trying to achieve a straight blowout.


Experiences Our Products.

I have thick hair and the Air Thermo was able to get it completely dry all the way down to my scalp. Best hairdryer I've owned
Jessy Simpson

Product Specifications

Voltage / Power Consumption 100V / 1111W(Max)
Accessories Diffuser, Pick, Concentrator