What is PDP

Platinum Diamond Photon (PDP) is an innovative technology which has several advantages of nano-platinum. These advantages include “light quantum effect”, “photocatalyst effect” and “negative ion effect”. they also has nano-diamond advantages such as “high antibacterial effect”. PDP has the advantages of each function and effect. 

Without a doubt, PDP light will attract attention from the world. Release of the energy generated from the PDP will enhance human health! PDP is an advanced, state of the art technology for the 21st century.

Platinum Diamond Photon

PDP (Platinum Diamond Photon) is a hybrid material with outstanding advantages from both nano-diamond and nano-platinum, which have a high-profile in the worldwide medical field.

The efficacy of warms people’s body and activates cell without outside energy, has been verified scientifically through the world-famous academic journal. By fiberizing and ceramics of PDP, it is applicable to every product like bedding, clothes, underwear, beauty & health devices. The PDP patent is obtained in 38 countries including Japan by Rainbow affiliated company and Rainbow is working on product development with its material.

Without a doubt, Platinum Diamond Photon’s Light will garner the attention of the word! The energy released from PDP enhances the health and happiness of the body to a whole new level using this new state of the art technology from the 21st century.


The Advantage of Platinum Diamond Photon

Point 1

Platinum Diamond Photon is an innovative technology which has several advantages of nano platinum. These advantages include “light quantum effect”, “Photo catalyst effect” & “Negative Ion Effect.” They also have nano-diamond effect such as “High Catalysis Function”. “High-Deodorization Effect” & “Hight Antibacterial Effect.” PDP utilizes all these functions for the healthiest outcome of use.

Point 2

Friction energy like static electricity, far-infrared rays from the body or other wavelength energy will be absorbed, and change into stable wavelength energy. After that, they will amplify and radiate.

Development Backkgroud

Far infrared is an invisible ray generated by sunlight but also our own bodies. A wavelength of 4 to 14 micrometers is called a growth ray or health ray. It is applicable to food, clothing, housing, and medical care.

Friction energy like static electricity and far infrared rays are generated from the body. These energy wavelengths will be absorbed, changed into stable wavelength energy, then amplified and radiate.

There are 6000 Billion nano-platinum and nano-diamond particles in 1cm³ of fiber. The nanoparticles of PDP are supported not only on the material, but also on the fiber using the most advanced molecular bonding method. They permanently emit growing ray energy as if nano-diamond particles were dyed on the fiber


Experiences Our Products.

I suffer from poor blood circulation and Bio PDP's products have helped me tremendously at keeping warm.
Allison Bryers
45 Yr
PDP Is Proven


Know our sources


Published in the paper “In Vivo” in 2010

● Activity increase of the NK cell, Helper T cell, and Killer T cell.

● Pathological Safety


Published in the article “International Journal of Nano” in 2013

● The induction nanohole of fluid nano-diamond and nano-platinum

● It has been found to be helpful in the treatment of human myeloid leukemia 


Affirmation from international researchers active on the front line

The experiments with PDP products of Rainbow Co., Ltd., were conducted by Dr. Mamdooh Ghoneum (Professor, UCLA/DREW Medical College), a world authority on immunology, and Dr, James Gimzewski (Professor, Faculty of Chemistry, UCLA), a pioneer in the field of nano technology, the outcomes were published in academic society and world famous journals.


Dr. James GImzewski

● Professor of Chemestry at ULCA

● Chief at California Nanosystems Institute

● A world leader in nano-technology

● Developer of electronic scanning tunnel microscope


Dr. Mamdooh Ghoneum

● Professor at Drew Medical College

● Recognized Immunologist in area of cancer immune therapy

● Elected as “INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIST OF THE YEAR 2002” by the International Biographical Centre in the UK for his contribution to immunology as a member of Bio Plan Development

● Received the Medal of Honor from Ministry of Culture & Education in Egypt in 2010.


Edtrodinary healing energy!

Platinum Diamond Photon!

Next-Generation nanotech material that saves the world

Suzaki Hakkei, Medical Writer

Interview report of Dr, Ryochi Obitsu, Honorary Director of the clinic, Obitsu Sankei Hospital